Spark A Romance

Let’s face it. Most of us could use a boost in the Romance department. Whether you are looking for love or in a relationship that could use a little sizzle, dancing is the perfect spark.

For our single students, it is great to note that you will rotate and meet all the other single students in the class. No partners are necessary. We take the time and care to make sure our classes have the proper male to female ratios and every few minutes the instructor will call out for students to rotate partners. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow students and develop some great friendships. Students tend to also go out dancing together especially to our outings and socials which opens up an entire network of thousands of single dancers.

Every social we hold usually has over 100 students from all the different locations in attendance and our outings attract anywhere from 200 – 300 students per event. Special events can have up to 700 of our students and friends so make sure you attend these to really open up your social network. For a list of our great events as well as photos and information on past events, visit our Events section.

For those in a relationship, we know how difficult it is to find something you both enjoy doing together on a regular basis that is romantic, fun and engaging. Dancing is a wonderful past time that appeals to all age groups and all types of people. It is great exercise, allows you both to get and stay fit together and lets you really work on renewing the spark in your romance.

To get started in your quest to spark that romance, please visit our Toronto Dance Salsa Class and Lessons Schedule which lists our huge selection of classes around the Greater Toronto Area.