So You Think You Can Dance – Salsa Routines

So now that I am finally an official blogger, I peruse the internet to see what other dance bloggers are writing about and of course it is all about the TV hit “So You Think You Can Dance”. We have a new batch of 20 finalists competing for the coveted “Favourite Dancer in the US” spot. Last week, we were privy to the first salsa routine by Lauren and Neil which didn’t go too well for the couple. If you missed the segment here it is courtesy of YouTube

I haven’t loved many of the salsa routines shown on this show. Alex Da Silva always fulfills the tricks, lifts and dips drama that we all love but I do wish there was some of the smoothness of the New York on 2 dancing involved with a little more Afro Cuban body movement and finesse. However my favourite salsa routine by Alex Da Silva took place last season when Benji (last season’s winner) danced the Black Mambo with his partner and cousin Heidi (also a finalist). Check it out…love the speed, crispness and musical accents. Very fun performance!

Regardless of the salsa routines, you can’t help but loving So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe in the future they will rotate their salsa choreographers and we can see a Frankie Martinez routine!