Did anyone catch last nights elimination round of So You Think You Can Dance? No surprises there, I believe.

Velina and I, who both share the SYTYCD addiction, did a sushi and SYTYCD night. Nothing beats sushi and dancing! What was great about it was the Velina had the previous night’s 2hr show taped and we were able to see all the performances again before the elimination round which was brilliant. You do tend to forget and I find the second time watching you see completely different things.

I have a tendency to always look at the female dancers the first time. But with the second viewing I was able to watch the men, the dancers as a unit, their facial expressions and all the other small details that really make the dance. I guess I shouldn’t have thrown out my VCR because taping the show really makes a difference.

We probably watched the Work-A-Holic Hip Hop routine 4 times – it is such a great routine that gets better and better for me. The samba and the rumba were super hot also and the jailbird hip hop routine was a lot of fun.

So it was no surprise when the bottom three turned out to be the quickstep (which was by far the worst routine), the modern African piece (which had potential to be awesome but they couldn’t get enough power in their movements) and the contemporary routine with Kourtni and Matt.

I thought Kourtni and Matt’s solos were excellent. They were saved and that was great news. Comfort and Thayne were also saved although I think they may be going home very soon. But it was Chelsea and Chris who went home and I think this was the best decision.

Let me know your thoughts…I am still cheering for Will but he needs to get a new partner!