Well, Happy Canada day to all. Due to the long weekend I will make this entry short. I recently attended two concerts, Gilberto Gil and Omara Portuondo. The concerts were a treat and I will review them in a later entry. For now, I will express some thoughts on the final preparations Camela and I have been going through for the final on July 4. Prior to the prelims, we had chosen a song and worked on some choreography, in case we advanced. I’ve noticed that the performance we had envisioned at that point has evolved in the past 3 weeks into something we are both very proud of and eager to perform. On Monday we had our dress rehearsal and it seemed that putting everything together gave a certain energy that had started to fade with the repetition of straight up practice. I have no doubt that the other entrants are going to have amazing performances and we only hope ours can be considered on the same level. Its going to be fun and I hope a little bit different but above all, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. At this point I will end this entry, enjoy this Canada day and I’ll see you at the competition.

Sigan bailando!