Are you sick of online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid?

Is your finger exhausted from swiping left, or are you tired emotionally from swiping right but not hearing from the people you want?

We get it, there are a lot of benefits to being able to have access at your fingertips to many people using a dating app. At the same time, the challenge is…everyone judges so quickly that we don’t give time to actually feel each other out.

Literally, we are judging by the cover, every single person.

You don’t have to rely on virtual swiping, speed dating, or on your parents to introduce you to that nice boy or girl. 🙂

Taking a Salsa or Bachata dance is one of the best ways to meet someone.

  1. You are in rotation: The best way to meet someone is to be exposed to as many new people as possible. When you take a dance class, you rotate with all the singles over the weeks of the class. You get to meet a lot of people in person!
  2. You’re doing something fun: Latin dancing is fun, energetic and when you are in a great mood, the best of you comes out. I remember feeling so much pressure when I would go on dates from an online match. Here you just flow, take your mind off of work, and get lost in the Latin vibe.
  3. Dancing first, dating second: Salsa/Bachata puts the “meet someone” at the peripheral, which takes the pressure off of the experience being an interview. You come there to do something for yourself…guess what…so does everyone else.
  4. Chemistry in person: The reality is that when we actually like someone, vibe with someone it has a lot to do with vibe and chemistry and not a certain set of qualities. We get so focused on people’s height, weight, hobbies, or interests that we often skip on people that can be genuine matches. When you rotate and meet you give yourself and your partner to be a genuine chance to feel each other out.

I have had the pleasure of helping many couples meet, get engaged, choreographed their wedding routines, I have helped singles who got out of a long-term relationship find someone special (when they thought it was too late), and more.

Dancing is transformative for many reasons and even if you have two left feet, you can do it at our school. We believe everyone can dance.

So come with a big smile, and open heart and experience how serendipitous it can be on a Latin dance floor.

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