3 Reasons why your life won’t be the same after taking Salsa:

  1. You upgrade your environment: Imagine if all your friends were personal fitness trainers. Wouldn’t you just automatically be in better shape because of your environment? You would see people around you and you would think…hey maybe I need to step up my game. I am not saying that everyone is fit on the dance floor (I wasn’t in years) but when you start to dance you start to care more about your body. When I first started dancing Salsa I noticed that alot of dancers around me were a lot more fit. I remember one of my friends, super-fit really healthy and a great dancer told me how he hasn’t eaten sugar in 3 years. How he focuses on eating the right things and having a more healthy body on the dance floor.  I thought he was crazy at that time but back then I was also 50lbs overweight (20kgs). Guess what, 3 years later I cut almost all sugar out of my diet. We are influenced by our environment.
  2. You bring your step count up: The reality is I hated going to the gym and doing the cardio classes. It all felt like work to me and it never felt like fun. When you take a Salsa class, you don’t even notice the 2000 plus steps, you’re gonna be taking in a 1-hour class. This doesn’t even include if you go to a Latin nightclub and dance for 2-3 hours. So better than being in your house, better than being on YouTube watching some video and pushing yourself through it. When you’re in that positive environment, you don’t even notice how many steps.
  3. Emotional health flow into physical health: We often take better care of our loved ones than we do of ourselves. Salsa helps you feel good about yourself wherever your body is at. One of the things I struggled with is I used to body shame myself. I’d look in the mirror and I would hate what I’d see. But yet, when I would dance Salsa and I started to move more freely and started to feel better in my body. I just started to love myself more. As I started to love myself more, I wanted to take better care of myself. This is one of the things that is least talked about the benefits, the psychological benefit. As you start to dance more and have fun more, with the vehicle that you use, you start to want it to be in better shape. Like a car, you want it to not just be all rusted in the corner, covered in dirt. As I started to Salsa, I just started to fall in love with my body and once you fall in love with something, you want to take better care of it.

What would happen if you start to fall in love with yourself and you’re doing something fun and you’re surrounding yourself with just people who are more active, Well at the minimum you start to get more healthy and you lose weight and all that. But more importantly, you just improve your quality of life.

I think that’s the key, more than counting steps, more than counting calories, than getting fit, it’s having a great life, quality life and Salsa will give you that.

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