Salsa dancing has become a favourite past time for North Americans as well as internationally. Most main cities will have Salsa clubs or salsa evenings dedicated to the art of Salsa dancing.

Toronto has one of the most active Salsa scenes in North America. We have several clubs around downtown Toronto, North York and in the Greater Toronto Areas such as Mississauga, Whitby, Richmond Hill that offer great Salsa dancing.

There are many different styles of Salsa dancing including New York Mambo Style (also called On 2 Salsa), L.A. Style Salsa, Columbian, Cuban, Miami Style, Casino Rueda, Puerto Rican Style and much more. Regardless of the style, Salsa is danced to an eight beat track with the lead executing combinations responded to by a follower.

Salsa dancing is very sensual. The word Salsa comes from the Spanish word for sauce and implies a “spicy” nature to the dance. There are many reasons why students learn to Salsa dance around the world. It is a great way to meet new friends who share a common interest. Students who travel can visit a salsa club anywhere in the world and know they can go there on their own and meet new friends. In addition, salsa dancing is a great way to spark a romance. If you are a single person looking to meet someone, salsa is a great ice breaker and salsa classes always have rotations where you can meet a variety of different dance partners.

Couples also enjoy salsa dancing because it is so romantic in nature and can help put the spark back in the romance. As well, the physical benefits of salsa dancing such burning calories, getting a great workout, toning muscles and more is always a great bonus when engaging in such a fun activity.

Toronto Dance Salsa offers a variety of classes in salsa dancing. From the absolute beginner to the seasoned salseros, we provide lessons that engage, excite and inspire students to become better dancers. For more information on salsa classes in the Greater Toronto Area, please visit our schedule.