Salsa Dance Classes: Going from BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE

You started taking Salsa Dance Classes, but you feel stuck and not sure how to get better? I can relate to that! For a long time, I felt that way and so I have broken down some quick tips you can follow to get better. If you are looking to go from being a beginner to an intermediate, even applying one of these will make a massive difference.

1) Stay off your toes

It seems like a weird first tip but it’s the one I wish I was told when I was learning. I also assumed that if I am leaning forward, I can dance faster and boy was I wrong. So I tell my students, that beginners lean forward, if you want to get better, sit back in your heels. A simple way to do this is by bending your needs an inch and tilting your pelvis back towards your heels.

2) Go social dancing

I was scared to go social dancing when I first started taking lessons. I regret that, so make sure to not wait too long. The fastest way to go from a beginner Salsa dancer to an intermediate dancer is by dancing more with better dancers. So I always encourage students in Salsa Nightclub Level 1 to go out as soon as they can. Not only will it bring your skill level up but it’s also just fun!

3) Take private lessons

Group classes are great for connection, cost-effectiveness, and just general fun but private lessons are the way to break through a dancer’s wall. We all pick up bad habits and sometimes you just need some one-on-one love with an instructor. A great instructor can identify those bad habits and give you simple exercises you can do to fix them. So you feel more confident when you step on the dance floor.

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