I recently read a blog by a woman who is a modern dancer. She added up her dance spending for the week and it totaled about $116. She wrote in her blog that she was considering replacing some of this spending with evenings out salsa dancing because it was a more affordable option. Click here to read her blog.

This blog reminded me of my very budget conscious days way back when I purchased my first home 5 years ago. Needless to say my budget was very tight and “entertainment funds” were almost non-existent. Given this, I still went dancing about 5 nights a week and spent almost no money on this.

If you have ever been to a salsa club during the week you will note there is little to no cover charge. Try Babaluus on Tuesdays or Wednesdays – no cover! I made sure I went dancing during the week. Now on weekends some salsa clubs have free cover before a certain time. El Rancho used to offer (and may still do so) free cover for ladies before 10:30pm. You can very easily find free parking in downtown Toronto after 9pm if you are patient. Also I never drank alcohol. Those that do will find clubs charge a great deal. Try to stay away from this if you are budget conscious.

Other cheap alternatives include the Toronto Salsa Practice. For $3 or $4 you can dance the afternoon away and get your salsa fix. Festivals also allow for free salsa dancing so take advantage of these.

Hopefully this blog has convinced you that you don’t need a lot of money to go salsa dancing – it is a great affordable sport!