Part 1 of 2

To complement yesterdays blog entry on group salsa classes vs. club classes, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss private lessons vs group lessons. I receive many questions regarding this topic – which is better?

I believe both have an importance on a student’s development. It doesn’t actually have to be a choice of one or the other unless there are budget constraints. Here are the pros and cons:

Private Lessons – Obviously privates are a lot more expensive than group classes. Group classes range from $12-$16 an hour in most studios in Toronto. Private lessons range from $50-$100 an hour. Quite a leap. The benefit is the one on one attention you receive. When you dance with the instructor they can give you tips, advice and exercises that you would not get in class that are suited to your strengths and areas of improvement. It is a great environment for those who are hesitant about learning with or in front of others. The learning pace is also much faster. I estimate you will learn 3 times as much as in a group class. Also you don’t develop those terrible bad habits that you can in a group class that are so difficult to get rid of – privates tend to nip bad habits before they become a set part of your dancing.

However, it is an unrealistic environment. You are dancing with a professional who will lead/follow properly and you will have difficulty once you dance with someone of your own level, especially if you are a beginner. The space is also unrealistic. You get a studio all to yourself – it is spacious and quite and you will have no problems bumping into someone or listening. That is not the case once you get to a salsa club.

Tomorrow I will discuss the pros and cons of group classes and give you my opinion on how to work both into your learning schedule!