Well, the time is here for the second annual TDS amateur salsa competition and my partner, Camela, and I have been preparing for what promises to be an eventful evening. I think I was caught somewhat off guard by what it took to seriously compete last year. My partner and I did not practice as much as we should have and as a result, our stay in the competition was short lived, yet still a valuable learning tool. This year, I can definitely say I’ve prepared better and am accompanied by someone who shares a similar feel and interpretation of the music. This doesn’t guarantee any success, but I definitely feel that we’ll be better prepared. It also puts us in an odd situation where we find ourselves having to prepare for a potential final routine without any promise that we’ll even get to perform it. Still, its been really fun going through ideas and implementing them.

Now comes the wait. Sunday will come and butterflies will flutter and thoughts will go through minds but in the end, the competitors will just dance and have fun and someone else will choose who performed best and lives to dance another day. I want to wish the best of luck to all the competitors, win or lose, you’ve all earned the spotlight for the work and effort you’ve put into it. See you on the dance floor.

Sigan bailando!