Thanks to everyone who came out to Peridot – it was a blast as usual! We started off at 7pm with three different lessons. Velina and Stella taught the absolute beginner class, Emely and Sonya taught the level 1 class and Evan and I taught the intermediate class. I reminded everyone as usual to execute the combination they learned at least 10 if not 20 times that evening to engage muscle memory and make it a regular part of their repertoire.

With almost 200 students in attendance there were partners for everyone. Many of the instructors came out as well which is great to see – Sara, Velina, Emely, Alfred, Nina, Evan and myself were all enjoying the night along with the 40 helpers that came out and all the students and guests.

It was Evan’ birthday this past week and as per tradition we put him on the spot for a birthday dance (photo above is from that dance). He was awesome and managed to get through a great deal of partners in a short amount of time. Thanks to everyone for participating and to Evan for being a great sport regardless of the partner (nice body wave Alfred :).

Our next outing is actually the Toronto Dance Salsa Amateur Competition preliminaries on Sunday June 8th at 7pm at 6 Degrees. We can’t wait to see all the work the competitors have put into their freestyle round. There are also performances by Latin Energy and iFreestyle so come out and support the competitors, watch some great performances and have a blast! More details to follow!