If you need a little salsa excitement this August, check out our Summer Workshop Series with Tracie and Daniel on Sundays from 4-6pm at Empress.  Here are the details:

Workshops ($35 each, 2 for $65 or all 3 for $90):

1) A Taste of Tango Workshop
This workshop is a intended to be a fun and easy introduction to the sensual world of Argentine Tango. This workshop will focus more on the attitude and styling of Argentine Tango – learn some basic Argentine Tango figures and how to add some smoulder to your dancing. Suitable for all levels including those with absolutely no Tango experience! Sunday August 15th from 4pm – 6pm at Empress with Tracie and Daniel.

2) Dips & Tricks III Workshop
Back by popular demand, Tracie & Daniel bring you Dips & Tricks III: Introduction to The Lift. This workshop is meant for salsa dancers serious about developing their performance and possibly competition skills. Learn how to execute a new set of dips, tricks and easy lifts to enhance your salsa routines! This workshop will also focus on technique, styling and clean execution and, of course, safety. For dancers who have completed TDS Level 3 and up or by assessment. Sunday August 22nd from 4pm – 6pm at Empress.

3) Musicality and Shines Workshop
Yearning to work on your salsa footwork and musicality skills? Learn new ways to get your feet moving to the salsa beat as well as how to use your body to interpret the music. Musicality and Shines are an integral part of salsa dancing – it is what bridges the gap from being a student to a dancer. This workshop will open your mind and body to these essential elements of salsa dancing which you might have not yet been able to develop yet. Learn a fun and challenging shine routine (suitable for both men and women) and work on your Shines and Styling improvisational skills. For dancers who have completed TDS Level 2 and up or by assessment. Sunday August 29th from 4pm – 6pm at Empress with Tracie and Daniel