I love going salsa dancing and seeing beginners on the floor. True, there have been times where I have not been so fond of some of the dancefloor crimes they commit. All in all, new dancers belong on the floor and there’s a lot to learn as a more skilled salsero.

Have fun
I think I really get caught up in taking myself too seriously. Sometimes it’s because I’m forcing myself to work on certain moves or other times where i feel like I need to be 100% all of the time. Having fun is what salsa is about.

Being Courageous
Newer dancers are some of the most courageous people out there. Even having danced for a little while now, I find that there are some days where I’m not brave enough to take the floor and dance it up. I love seeing small groups of people from various classes come out and try the handful of moves that they know. Salsa can be quite intimidating and seeing new dancers out there makes me smile.

Keeping it Flirty
Salseros build up an arsenal of flirty moves and while they usually look great, I find sometimes the flirtatious factor can fade as it can feel forced. New dancers can really heat up a floor as they’re still in the “rose-tinted glasses” phase and out to meet people and live the salsa dream.

I still remember really monumental dances where I had my first dance with a certain teAcher, great dancer or that really cute Chica from my level 1 class. Don’t get me wrong, as I try to have one great dance per outing. I think that sometimes, we let our studies/ advancement get in our way of truly enjoying salsa for what it is… A fun and sexy dance.