Hello fellow salsa-holics! Welcome to our review area for salsa clubs, parties, congresses and more. We will have humble beginnings, as the reviews will be far from comprehensive, but with time we hope to have reviews of every club, outing, congress and event that we attend. If there is a club or party you would like to recommend to us to review, please drop a comment in the blog or an email to us and we’ll try our best. Onto our first review:

El Rancho – Oct 1 Toronto Dance Salsa Outing

We had planned to attend this event, but started to get a bit lazy. After dinner, Alfred put on a DVD and Nina began to consider staying in. Luckily, Alfred’s salsa bug was in him and said, “Hey, let’s just go and check it out. It is still early and I’d rather be dancing than sleeping.” We missed the lessons at 7:15, but arrived by 9pm to find that there was a sizable crowd on the dancefloor upstairs.

El Rancho is a restaurant with two dancefloors, the main one being upstairs behind the dining room with a second dance floor downstairs. There is a coat check available at the entrance, and cover was $6. Both dance floors are rectangular hardwood with some booths and tables for seating around it. The dance floor is lit with club lighting at an adequate level. The dance floor is easy to dance on with dance shoes and easy to spin on. The club has an intimate or cozy feel to it and the dance floor is big enough to accommodate a decent size crowd.

The music was mostly salsa, with the mix of two or three merengue and bachata here and there. The salsa varied from more cuban, and mambo and a few salsa romantica but I think leaned mostly towards the more cuban songs.

As it was a Toronto Dance Salsa outing, there were plenty of dancers from various levels and everyone was having a fun time. Nina and I enjoyed ourselves and were happy to have made it for some dancing instead of going to sleep early.

See you on the dance floor,
Nina and Alfred

Coming events we’ll be attending:
Saturday Oct 7 – Canada Salsa Congress

El Rancho
430 College Street (NE of Bathurst)
Toronto ON
(416) 921-2752

Cover: $6-$10
Dancing: Thurday-Sunday
Coat Check: Available (Optional)

Dancefloor: 4
Ambiance: 4
Music: 3
Dancers: 3
Fun Factor: 3
Overall: 17