While I’ve only been a T.D.S. helper for a little while now, one thing that I’ve noticed many students say is that they don’t really know where to start when it comes to music to practice to. While a list of songs is a good start, imagine a free online app that not only allows you to choose the tempo but also the key and instruments that song features! This tool is called the Salsa Beat Machine and an invaluable part to any salsa dancers’ arsenal.

Check it out here.
Why would I want to use the Salsa Beat Machine?
Imagine that you just learned how to do a new move that you couldn’t quite get during your last class. You want to practice the move but find that all of your salsa songs are way too fast to get it right. Just go to the S.B.M.’s website and click on the arrows by BPM to speed up or slow down the song.
Don’t like the key? feel free to change it.
Want to change the melody? Click the piano icon in the ‘instruments’ channel and change the ‘program’ options.
Having trouble finding beat 1 or 5? make sure the ‘instructor’ icon is selected and you’ll hear him call the beats out.
These are just a few features of the S.B.M. but all in all it provides countless options for melodies, rhythms and instrumentation to give you complete control over your salsa needs!