One major step to becoming a true Salsa addict is to overcome the fear of dancing outside your classroom, ( especially for leaders as it takes time to craft the art). Have no fear, our Halloween Costume party is here! Well, next Saturday to be exact. With the majority of Salseros dressing up, you will have the security of disguise as well as an amazing time dancing with a group of people whom I’ve come to discover as one of the most patient and fun group to dance with.

Here’s a little story from when I was about 4 classes into my level 1…

While still very new to the salsa scene, I was getting anxious to get out and see some seasoned salsa dancers in action (as well as to perfect my forward, side-to-side and ‘back-across-together’ steps). It was an outing to Acrobat (which just so happens to be the same location for this weekends’ party). After reviewing the level 1 DVD a few times, I got ready and headed down to check out the event with a friend I met in class. The place was packed and we were amazed to see some of the most amazing moves!

Within 15 minutes we decided to leave.
Why? Because everyone was so good and we were so not. What happened next basically forged my love for the dance. As we walked towards the exit we were stopped by our level 1 instructor, Emely. She had noticed that we were leaving and she took the time to give both of us a few dances. It definitely made our night and showed us that the TDS gang are out there to get everyone dancing. After that we noticed a few girls from class and spent the night practicing our basics together.

The morale of the story?
Whether you’re a level 1 with 1 class under your belt or maybe even haven’t taken a lesson; TDS outings are the place to break in your dancing shoes. If you see a helper/instructor from your class? Ask to dance with them and they will love to.

If you’re still feeling nervous you can take comfort knowing that if you weren’t on your ‘A’ game your dance partner will think it was Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sexy Princess or the Zany Zombie that they danced with.

Have a Spooky Halloween and hopefully a not-so-scary time on the dance floor!!!

Acrobat Lounge on Saturday October 31st at 8:45pm!
2464 Yonge Street (N of Eglinton). Beginner/Intermediate lessons from 9:00 – 10:00pm. Cover is $10. Prizes for best costume including $150, Acrobat passes and more. Open to everyone. 300ppl expected.