Our classes aren’t tailored for teenagers but we find ways to make it work.

All the students who take our classes are adults, so our biggest thing is to make sure that both the teenager and the adults feel comfortable.

Here are the ways that we can actually make it work:

The best way to do it is if you have the parent or a sibling, ask them to join and they’re not in rotation. So, if the teenager is not in rotation but dancing with maybe their friend or with a parent, then it definitely makes it comfortable for the teenager and everyone else, because we do a lot of rotations.

If the teenager ages 14 or 15 is dancing with people who are in their 30’s or 40’s, it might make the teenager feel uncomfortable to be holding on and dancing so close with so many adults. And maybe some of the adults wouldn’t feel necessarily comfortable too. So if you can, as a parent, maybe come and join the class and partner up with them, that definitely is possible.

Another way it could be that the parent also jumps into rotations with all of the people and the teenager rotating with all the people, but they’re together.

We want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and have a pleasant time. So another thing to do is have the teenager and the parent come in and sit for 10 to 15 minutes in one of the classes to feel out if they’ll be comfortable.

We’ve had sisters take classes. We had the great fortune of having someone who was 24, the older sister and the youngest sister was 16 or 15. They took classes and they did classes from level one to level six. So, definitely if you are considering signing up your teenager for our classes, please email us.

We want to make sure everyone feels great and comfortable. Otherwise, yes, it’s completely doable that you can have your teenager join. Just keep in mind if they are in rotation, they will be dancing with everyone else in the room who is an adult.

So, we will always ask the parent to come in at least in the first class to make sure that everything is okay and even better. Maybe have the parent and the teenager come in before the class even starts. Have a visit to see if the teenager would be comfortable. Everyone #belongs on our dance floor. We work really hard to make sure that everyone feels accepted.

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Welcome to the family.