I recently read a blog by Lance Breger who writes about health and fitness. In the blog I read he spoke of going salsa dancing for the first time and loving it because he learned something new, he met new people, he burned calories and he had so much fun. Click here to read his blog.

I can’t tell you how many complaints I get from women who attend classes without their significant other, stating that their partners did not want to take them out dancing or want to learn to dance with them. They look around the room at all the men in the class and can’t understand why their partners won’t join them.

The interesting thing about salsa and men that I have found over the years is many men (not all of them but many) get into the hobby either because their partner wanted them to or because they wanted to expand their social network. However, just like women, men learn to really love the actual feeling of dancing and end up signing up for future classes purely from the excitement of wanting to learn more and become a better dancer.

I think there is a misperception about dancing that some men buy into and that is that salsa dancing is similar to going freestyle dancing at a regular club. Going dancing at a local club can be extremely uncomfortable because there are no rules or structure and it is not a taught art.

The difference with salsa is that it is structured and once you learn the simple rules of the dance it is actually quite easy to execute. You decide how simple or complex your moves and turn patterns are and how much time you want to spend learning more. You know that your left leg steps on 1, right on 2, etc, which gives you the security of structure. Plus there is so much to be creative about that when you are finally ready to experiment you can with musicality, body movement, patterns and more.

So men, make your ladies happy and take them dancing salsa – with a few lessons you too will learn to love it!