I just received this email – a really good salsa group you may be interested in!

La Excelencia’s first CD ‘Salsa Con Conciencia’ has sold over 9000 units without major distribution. The entire CD ‘Salsa con Conciencia’ and two singles from the CD “La Salsa y el Guaguanco” and “La Lucha” were chosen to be voted on by the Latin Grammy’s, and, The Grammy’s making it as far as the second round. La Excelencia’s music can be found on countless salsa/world music compilations, motions pictures, instructional DVDs, and can also be heard on radio stations and satellite radio both nationally and internationally.

This CD showcases the versatility of La Excelencia and the many talented artists within the orchestra. In fact there are 13 in the band and the depth and layering adds considerably to the sound.

La Excelencia is a Nuyorcian band, but do not expect pure Mambo, this is Salsa Dua with plenty of hard-core trombones and acoustic piano. They are creating a new mix style with Cuban, Colombian, Puerto Rican and African traditions in a complete and smoothly contiguous manner. Layed on top of each track, the lyrics have a cutting message and underlying story. Soneros Edwin Perez and Gilberto Velazquez certainly do the lyrics justice.

Song titles include:
La Lucha
Solo Sin Amor
El Tiempo en Tus Manos
La Salsa y el Guaguanco
El Loco
Cada Dia
Hijo De Los Rumberos
Boogalu Pa’ Colombia
La Lucha (Remix) Fet: Shanny
Musicians include:
Jorge Bringas Bass
Willy Rodríguez Piano
Charles Dilone Bongo, campana, quinto
José Vázquez-Cofresi Congas, shekere
Julián Silva Timbales, maracas, tambora, catá
Ronald Prokopez Trombone
Tokunori Kajiwara Trombone
Jack Davis Trombone
Sam Hoyt Trumpet
Jonathan Powell Trumpet
Willie Oleneck Trumpet
Edwin Pérez Lead vocal, coro
Gilberto Velázquez Lead vocal, coro, guiro

Check it out and I hope to see you on the dance floor.

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