The process is very simple. All you need to do is visit our website and click on that option tab. The little three lines on the top left side of the page.

You’re going to click on gift certificates and follow the steps. Fill out your information, the amount you want to give as a gift, and in the comments fill out the personal message you want on the gift certificates. Once we receive the payment, within 24 hours we’re going to send you a digital PDF copy to your email that you can print out and give as a wonderful gift.

The gift of dance is an amazing gift, and we tried to make it as simple as possible to offer to everyone, whether it’s to a friend, a loved one, a special someone, or to a total stranger. So, don’t hesitate to visit our website to get the gift certificate. In terms of the amount, it can go anywhere from $20 to sky is the limit. You can get as many gift certificates as you want. You can make it rain in gift certificates. 😉

Now, once they receive the gift certificate, all they need to do is visit our website and check out the schedule. Whatever class that works for them, they’re going to email us. and  say, “Hey, I have this gift certificate. I want to sign up for this class. Can you give me a hand?” And then we’ll take care of the rest to make sure that they have a great time, a great experience, and they can join us on the dance floor as soon as possible.

We really look forward to having you and your family and your friends all joining us on the dance floor. So, if you want to give the gift of dance to someone, then go visit our website, purchase a gift certificate, because you’re definitely going to put a smile on their face.

If there is a question, dancing or school-related, you want me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. And if you want to take classes with us, click REGISTER NOW