We offer Salsa and Bachata for private classes. Those range from beginner lessons all the way to advanced, so we definitely can fit your needs.

The real question is do you actually need private lessons or could group lessons a better fit? If your schedule is really crazy, let’s say you do shift work and group classes just can’t fit regularly into your schedule once a week, private lessons are the best way to go. You hire one of our instructors to build the privates into your schedule.

Private lessons are also great if you want that one on one attention. Let’s say you’re traveling somewhere, and you need to learn quickly, then definitely private lessons are a great way to go. Let’s say you have a wedding coming up, or a special event and you want to hire one of the instructors for that event for them to come out or maybe for you to come to the studio. Again, a private class is a better fit for you.

What I’d say you’ll miss out though with group lessons is the energy, the fun, the team environment, the friendships you make. Group classes are great! You still learn a lot of great movements while having fun, while being loud, while coming in and just laughing and bonding.

For beginner students, I especially tend to push them into group lessons instead of private lessons. Private lessons can be sometimes very intense because all the instructor’s attention is on them. Private lessons are good if your schedule is complicated. Private lessons are good if you want to hire an instructor for a special event. Those are some of the reasons why you’d want to do a private lesson.

Group lessons are amazing to bond with people, to laugh and still learning all the dance skills you’re looking for.

You have to figure out what’s right for you, and I hope my suggestions will offer you sort of a guide for doing private lessons versus group. Also, private lessons are just more expensive. If you have the money and you’re looking for one on one attention, definitely do a private lesson. If you’re looking to have fun and you’re looking to maybe scale it in terms of cost, then definitely do group lessons.

I’m telling you right now, honestly pick group lessons, they’re so much more fun, so much more energy, and you still learn all the cool moves you would learn in a private lesson.

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