I Don’t Have a Salsa Partner

Help, I don’t have a dance partner to take Salsa lessons! Can I still learn Salsa? Absolutely! Most schools offer some way to connect and dance with others. But there are a few things you should look for to ensure that the school will take care of you with or without a partner. 

Look for Salsa Classes that Require Pre-Registration 

Salsa classes that require registration will be a better experience, especially if you don’t have a partner. Drop-in lessons are not the greatest experience because, unfortunately, sometimes you can have twelve leaders and three followers or vice versa. Click on the link for more information on how to pick a dance school

At Toronto Dance Salsa we work hard to balance the numbers of leaders and followers so that everyone gets a chance to dance. You don’t want to wait twenty or thirty minutes before you get a partner to dance. 

It can be tempting to buy a monthly pass, and I think that system is suitable for Yoga classes, Hip Hop classes, or anything you can do solo without ever having to work with a partner. But for Salsa or any dance that requires partner work, classes that require pre-registration are your best option.  

Volunteers are Key

I’m proud to say that we have intermediate and advanced dancers who volunteer to help in classes at Toronto Dance Salsa. Even with pre-registration, there are occasions where numbers are not balanced. Our volunteers help us balance those numbers or they walk around giving advice. Either way, students benefit from more one-on-one time or dancing with a more advanced dancer. 

Moreover, having volunteers indicates how comfortable our students feel at our school and their commitment to becoming better dancers.

So whenever you are thinking of joining a school, ask them if, besides the instructor, they have volunteers in rotation. So even if you don’t have a partner, you will have a great experience when taking Salsa lessons.

Consistency is Vital

Knowledge is acquired progressively. In school, you moved from grade to grade with your classmates and you shared your experiences. You learned things step by step. So for example you learned fractions after you learned multiplication and division. 

Salsa dancing is the same. Ensure that the Salsa lessons you choose are consistent and progressive. Advancing to the next level or stage with a group facilitates learning. It is fun and allows you to build friendships and create meaningful connections with the other people in your Salsa class.

Taking a Salsa class is more than a transaction. You have the opportunity to develop connections, and you will remember the moments you shared with those attending consistently. In addition, having a specific date and time when you meet for your classes for nine weeks allows you to feel familiar with the instructor, the volunteers and your classmates. 

So you don’t have a Salsa dance partner? It doesn’t matter. Sign up for Salsa classes today! Just remember to look for schools that require pre-registration, have volunteers and have a consistent schedule. 

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