How to dance advanced Salsa

There are many tips I can share with you on how to dance advanced in Salsa but ultimately, it will always come down to grinding it out with more advanced dancers. Surrounding yourself with a higher caliber of teachers and learning BACHATA…yes I said it!

  1. Learn Bachata: I know this seems like a weird tip but it did wonders for me. I always felt Bachata was too slow for me, Salsa is the way to go. When I started to dance it, at I was proven right…I mean it’s way harder to keep a beat in Salsa than Bachata. Bachata relies much more on musicality (not just doing combinations but responding and reacting to the music) and that started to change my mindset about Salsa. I started to bring those tricks to Bachata and wow did it make a difference. Take the best from all the different styles, don’t just get stuck in one style.
  2. Go to Conventions: Conventions are where the best dancers from around the province, country, and sometimes the world gather. Every time I went to a Salsa convention, dancing none stop for 3 days, I would always come back leveled up. It’s like a training ground for pro-athletes! Plus all the workshops that happen, (advanced, intermediate, and beginner) taught by international pro dancers is one of the best ways to level up. Whether local (Canada Salsa Congress), provincial (Montreal Salsa Convention) or international (United States, European, Asian Conventions)…it needs to become a staple of your growth.
  3. Do private lessons: How does a professional dancer get better in Salsa? Easy, by not taking group classes but doing privates. When I wanted to learn a better-advanced foundation, more high-level tricks…I don’t waste time in group classes. It’s the difference between hiring a personal trainer for fitness and taking a group fitness class. So, you need to find an amazing dancer (who can actually also teach the material) and do private lessons…because at an advanced level anything less is a waste of time. 🙂

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