On average, one hour private is about equivalent to three hours of group lessons.

Let’s say a Salsa level one group class, in our first class in we teach basic turns and basic movements. Second class, we teach leaders turns a and traveling movement. And third class, we teach the crossbite of all that would be covered in a one hour private.

I would say always figure out first if a private lesson actually better for you than a group lesson. So here are the pros and cons of taking group lessons and private lessons and how do you know which one you should pick:

If you’re looking to learn quickly, for example, you’re traveling somewhere in the next few weeks in a month or two and you just need to pick up a ton of skill. If you have a shifting work, for example, if you are a nurse and you never have a regular schedule and you just can’t fit a consistent class in your week. That’s also another reason to take private lessons. Also, if you’re just looking for personal one on one attention and you want to get through the material quickly. Then, take private lessons.

Now, here is what you don’t get in a private lesson. One, you don’t get to meet other people because you’re just with the instructor.  You’re working there and you’re hustling through it. Two, all the instructor’s attention is on you. So all the little mistakes you make, everything the instructor has to pick up and course correct. It doesn’t mean that private lessons should feel intense. It should still be fun and you should still be laughing but definitely it’s hustle mode.

When I do my private lessons in that one hour, when I have someone with me, I want to make the most of it. I want to make that time valuable because there’s a higher cost to it and I want to offer as much of my knowledge and experience, love and support as possible. So you don’t definitely make friends. You don’t feel like you’re part of a community because it’s just you isolated with the instructor.

The benefits of group lessons obviously are; one, you make friends. In group lessons, we teach for five minutes and we turn on a song for four minutes. You’re dancing and you’re practicing that technique. The instructor with any of the other instructors and the assistant and the volunteers we’re all walking around and giving it fights. But this gives time for things to settle in and not such a rush pace.

What’s great about it is the classmates you meet. In level one a lot of them continue to level two. You make some great friendships and some genuine connections. We’ve had the great fortune of having a lot of couples come together on our dance floor. Marriages happen longterm friends.

I’ve been part of the dance community for 10 years and I’ve had some friends who I’ve known for 10 years, and I’m super grateful and blessed, so you don’t get to miss out on that.

Group lessons are great for connection, geared for fun on grief for a lot more. Dance practice and private lessons are isolated techniques, advanced moves, and hustle. Just make sure you’re making the right decision. I think that’s the most important thing is to know what you’re looking for and what you’re going to get out of each.

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