The easiest way to remember is to come out to our socials and practice.

If you’re coming to class, you’re only practicing for an hour then you take a whole week break and you come back again. It’s kind of hard to remember the material because you’re not practicing it in between. So the biggest tip I have for you is to make sure to come out to our parties.

Now, if you’re in Salsa level one or Bachata level one, we always encourage our students in the middle of level one, when you know a few basic moves, to come out and start practicing.

When you come out and you practice, it teaches your body through muscle memory, all those awesome moves we teach in class. So that’s number one. Come out to our socials and come party with us.

The second tip is at the end of every class, you can go outside, grab your cell phone and have one of your classmates record you as you do the move. This way you have the move on your cellphone. So when you’re at work and you’re kind of bored or maybe you’re having lunch, you can look at your video and review those moves. The only thing we ask is that you please don’t post on social media. 😉

The third thing is, actually at the end of every semester we send a syllabus that covers all of the moves you learned from level one to level five in Salsa and from level one to level three in Bachata. The way we do it is we ask you for feedback. If you’re able to give us feedback for the class, share with us your class experience then you get a link to the syllabus that covers every move. We do this so we can make the class a better experience for you.  This is for free once you finish a class, you get a syllabus as long as you give us feedback. That email comes automatically in your inbox. So just check your email at the end of your course.

I think of Salsa and Bachata like a Lego. Not that you have to remember every move. But if you start to think of it as little pieces then you can mix and match them and put different pieces together. We teach you the basic building blocks and then as you progress the levels, we definitely teach styling and all that sexy stuff. But we focus more on your base foundation and how to level it up. So focusing on at what height your hand it and what options you have, makes it a bit easier to remember what to do.

My last and final thing is don’t worry about remembering everything. So tip number five is, we all forget. 😉 The best tip is to pick the moves that feel good, that you’re happy with, that expresses you, and just go crush those moves. You don’t need to know every move, there are hundreds of moves you’re going to find out for yourself and discover. That’s the exciting thing about dance, you get to create your own moves!

So, my final tip is don’t worry about remembering everything. Definitely your basic steps, your basic turns, you got to remember that. And that’s everything! Otherwise, go and discover things for yourself as well.

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Welcome to the family.