How Bachata Dancing Can Help With Loneliness

Dancing Bachata can help with loneliness. The Bachata dance community is one of the warmest communities. It’s welcoming, and open, and could be the place where you will find some of the closest friends you’ll ever have in your life. Read on for three reasons why Bachata will help you combat loneliness.

The Obvious

Much of our lives are lived online. We are on our laptops, our cell phones, going on apps, watching Netflix, and connecting with others through WhatsApp or Instagram. We are removed from other people and have little human interaction.

Bachata dancing is inherently and obviously different. When you’re holding someone’s hands and you’re dancing, the connection is built into the activity. It’s obvious but it is also a great start in feeling less alone. You are with other people and giving yourself a chance to meet new friends and maybe even your next partner.

Everyone’s In The Same Boat

Everyone who joins Bachata classes has the same goals – learn something new, have fun and connect with people. You can’t help but build bonds when you have this much in common.

Taking Bachata classes is the most positive high school experience most of us never had. It’s a bunch of people who want to get out of their house, who want to meet new people, have fun and laugh at themselves all at the same time. And so that camaraderie you experience as you’re connecting with your classmates banishes loneliness – at least during class.  This brings me to the final point.

You Have To Take The First Step

No matter what you do – Bachata, Salsa, Rock Climbing or anything else –  I always say everyone is waiting for someone else to take the first step. Why can’t that be you? You meet other dancers in classes or at socials but that is just the beginning. The real magic happens when the friendships deepen and phone numbers and contact information is shared. People meet up before and after classes, start to go to socials together and just hang out.

Everyone has felt lonely at times. I know I’ve struggled with it all my life, even now when I run the largest Salsa Dance School in Canada. But what I’ve learned is, I have to reach out. Everyone is scared to take the first step – so let that person be you. Be vulnerable, be open and take a chance. It’s hard and challenging, but it’s worth it to come out of your shell to do something a little bit uncomfortable with other people because that’s how you will feel less lonely. I know because it worked for me.

Bachata Dancing will, not just ‘can’, help you with loneliness if you allow it to.

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