My biggest regret is that I started dancing Bachata late into my dancing life. I only started after seven years of focusing mainly on Salsa. I regret it. And I want you to avoid those regrets. So if you haven’t started dancing and are deciding between Salsa or Bachata, start with Bachata.

Here are three reasons you should dance Bachata.

Reason number one: It’s the best kind of vacation. 

Don’t aim for vacations; aim for extraordinary adventures. That is what I’ve always believed, and I think Bachata is the best kind of vacation adventure you can enjoy locally; let’s call it a staycation. The less expensive and rewarding vacation you can have within a 10-kilometer radius, which I assume is around the nearest dance school to you.

Why? Because the music is so mellow and fun. I describe dancing Bachata as spending time with friends on a beach, smiling and vibing while the sun sets. Imagine yourself around a bonfire, having drinks relaxed. There’s no work tomorrow. You’re just present in the moment. It’s so beautiful.

Reason number two: Build your confidence quickly. 

Salsa takes a long time to learn and to feel confident. On the contrary, with Bachata, you will feel the progress within the first class. You may even feel like you can do it all, which is lovely.

And part of the reason is that the eight beats in Bachata are even and have a slowlier pace. It’s just three side shuffle steps and a tap. So even if you have two left feet, you can do it as you are not being rushed.

And so, if you’re starting to dance and feel self-conscious, choose Bachata over Tango, Kizomba or any other Latin dance. Of course, those dances are beautiful too, but Bachata is easier to learn, and anything that is easy and gets you moving is an excellent way to start.

Reason number three: Being part of a welcoming community. 

Some of the closest friendships and relationships I’ve had are part of the dancing community. And within that community, Bachata dancers are incredibly friendly.  It’s hard to express why the feeling is different with Salsa, but since this is a written article, I’ll do my best to transmit my experience using words.

To illustrate with an analogy, I would say that Bachata dancers are like surfers.  Surfers are known to be calm, super chill and supportive; that is what I’ve experienced through my dancing journey. Therefore, I encourage you to start dancing Bachata.

And it’s funny. I dance both Salsa and Bachata and many other dances, but the vibe is more chill whenever I shift to Bachata, when I step into Bachata class or when I step into Bachata social.

Bachata is more than technique and nailing your moves. This dance opens the possibility of being closer, feeling your partner’s vulnerability and connecting with them. And that’s where you should start.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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