Don’t be Busy – Make Progress

“Do not mistake activity for achievement. A rocking horse may be in constant motion, but it remains stationary.” – Alfred A. Montapert

There’s a massive difference between being busy and making progress. This lesson surfaced during a recent conversation with my mentor when we discussed the things I appreciate in my life.

“I just finished uploading the Level 1 Salsa videos, and the response has been fantastic. People are already purchasing them, and I’m genuinely grateful.” Although we were talking on the phone, I could sense my mentor rolling his eyes.

“Well, it’s about time!” he said with a touch of exasperation.

Confused and slightly hurt, I replied, “Yeah, it did take a little time.”

“A little time?! How long did it take you to record, edit, and upload those videos?”

I hesitated, performing some quick mental math. “I don’t know, maybe around 20 or 22 hours.”

“Excellent! Are you satisfied with the videos? Do the students find them valuable?”

Feeling a surge of pride, I said, “Absolutely!”

“Great. I told you to do those videos five years ago. What happened?”

My stomach dropped as I faced the truth. Yet, I couldn’t help but make excuses. “Well, you know, there was the pandemic…I had a major argument with my brother…I’ve been teaching so many nights…I’m constantly busy…It’s just complicated.” My mentor patiently listened as I listed around 20 different excuses for not completing the videos earlier. But then, I caught myself. “You know what? I’ve been investing time in the wrong areas, haven’t I?”


There are so many weeks that I am incredibly tired. I often work 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week but I make no progress. I love what I do, but I’m tired. 

Those Salsa Level 1 videos will help countless students. Students who miss class or crave additional support, as well as students in distant corners of the world where my schools have yet to reach, can access these videos. They are also an additional source of income for the business. All these positive outcomes from just 20 hours of work. So much time wasted over the past five years!

The truth is that being busy doesn’t mean you are making progress. I must remind myself to prioritize the things that will propel me forward. This applies to all areas of my life—my physical well-being, mental health, and business growth. I don’t want to be like a rocking horse – constantly busy but never making any progress. I want to be like a wild horse, galloping freely across the field and seeing how far I can go.

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