The Coronavirus does suck but it doesn’t mean that we just have to survive. Instead, we can also thrive through this and beyond.

Today, I want to talk about some healthy habits you may have picked up and try to reinforce them as we exit slowly out of this COVID isolation into the regular world.

First and foremost, I want you to think of one habit. One new thing that you’ve started doing more consistently during this COVID social isolation time. That thing that you actually want to continue doing as we exit out of this COVID time, going into the workplace and into our regular life. Honestly, it’s a brave new world.

My own new thing that I’ve been working really hard at is following my calendar and not just killing time.

Here’s the thing, I have ADHD. I just found out a couple of weeks ago and it explains a lot of my life since I was little. One of the things about it is procrastination, disorganization, and honestly just poor time management. It plagued me my whole life.

These last two and a half months, I’ve worked really hard to keep a tightly structured schedule, especially because I work from home and everything is under my control. I’m working hard to keep track of it, everything to the minute.

What happened two days ago, I got to walk back into the studio for the first time ever after two and a half months. I got to do an online Zoom workshop for Bachata. By the way, we do Bachata Wednesday workshops for free on Zoom and Saturdays for Salsa. All that info is on Facebook.

So, I got to do it at the studio. I know it was really emotional and it was really fun and beautiful. I got the camera set up and everything’s set up. What I found the most interesting was, I’m sitting after the workshop and I’m really proud of myself. I sit down on our bench. I pop my phone, tired, and I start flipping through Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and I started killing time. I’m just killing time, I’m tired, even though I have five other things to do before bedtime. Half an hour into it, I realized I’m not following my calendar.

What I noticed was when I went back to the old environment, some of those bad habits I had that I used to lean into started coming back. It was so subtle. Thank God I caught it!

I realized I’m already 20 minutes behind on the next thing I committed to, that I said “Aleks, you have ADHD…follow your schedule” so I need to get out of the studio and do it.

So what I really want to tell you is, whatever that thing that you picked that you started, please keep it going! Maybe it’s dance, maybe it’s reading, it’s running, it’s working out in the morning or maybe it’s talking to your mom more often. Whatever it is, please keep it going as we exit through COVID.

Because honestly, I’ve learned that I can’t always trust my brain. Those old memories and those old habits can come back as fast as you snap your finger.

So, you got to be cautious and enthusiastic. At least one of the things that you started to do during the coronavirus that’s actually improving your quality of life, you can continue through dedication and through standards.

If we all focus at least one habit that we started that we’re doing better, one new thing that we’re doing more consistently throughout it, then we can carry that positive spirit out of it and make our lives even better.

If you have a question you want me to answer, please email us. I would love to have the opportunity to hear from you and share more of my experience, wisdom, and honestly just learned from my mistakes so we can more thrive and less just survive.

I love you.