I found this info on the Salsa Forums. Check out some of my favourite Azzey congress tips…


– Print the workshop schedule before you leave and hilight possible workshops to take. On the day you’ll be tired and running around so I just put a * on any workshop I would like to do and an X on any I definitely don’t. Saves thinking time on the day and I can still change my mind at the last moment.

– Choose a hotel in hobbling distance. You’ll thank me when you come out at 8am to get changed for workshops at 10am.

– Arrive early in the afternoon so you can get unpacked, iron a couple of shirts (in case you decide to come back and change during the night) and get some sleep/relax before the dancing.

– Go to the pre-congress party as the big names are often more approachable there. I danced with Maya Torres several times at the UK party without even knowing who she was until the congress! Also Edie TSF was leaning against the bar in a small club when I first asked her to dance. After that it was easy!

– Bring several different types of shoes to dance in as the floors can vary from congress to congress. Usually expect a much more slippy floor than you’re used to. Great for spinning!

– The carpet or off-floor area: there will be a circle where the performers mainly dance (off the floor). Great viewing action between midnight-4am!

– When it’s busy. Carpe Diem! Ask dancers who are coming off the floor to dance first as they are most likely to accept.

– When you’re tired sit down at a big table next to the dance floor (groups of people from a particular school often book a whole table) and chat to people about their evening. Now you have a connection to that table and can go and ask people now or later to dance.

– After-parties are where you will find the hard-core salsero and a good opportunity to dance with the remaining teachers or someone you had your eye on earlier!

– Sleep: as much as possible! I’ve noticed that during 10 straight hours of dancing per night my leading ability can vary considerably due to tiredness. At my first congress I was going to the after parties and only got 2 hours at the most sleep before the workshops the next day.

– 4 hour power nap in the afternoon between the last workshop and the evening party.

– Workshop Bag contents: Spare t-shirt, Towel, dance shoes, water, energy snacks, chewing gum/breath mints, paracetamol, vitamin C tablets, a tube of deep heat rub (for muscular aches and pains), nothing steal-able!”