Well we posted that we were being aired today at 2pm on the Steven and Chris Show but it turned out it was aired yesterday instead. The good news is that they put the clip on their website and it turned out very well!! Click here to see the clip.

Below was our CBC adventure!

On Tuesday Evan, Sara, Emely and I met at 7:45am inside the CBC building downtown to film our segment of the show “Steven and Chris”, a new and very popular daytime talk show with the host of HGTV’s Design Rivals.

We were shown to the Green Room to relax while they prepared for our walk through. What was fun to note is that this is the same Green Room that all the top celebrities hang out at when visiting George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour so we were very happy to hang out in that room!

Everyone who works on the show was super friendly, caring and professional and we were able to run through our segment several times to get a feel for the floor, space and meet Steven and Chris.

Then it was off to makeup which the girls really enjoyed. With hundreds of lipsticks and eye shades, we were in girl heaven. At 11am we sat down to enjoy the filming of the first two segments in preparation for our own segment. And finally it was our turn.

Evan and I started the segment by doing a 30 second freestyle dance. Then Steven and Chris joined us on stage to talk a little bit about the benefits of salsa and why it is so hot. Chris was quite nervous about learning how to dance but he was a good sport and very soon Emely had partnered with Chris and Sara partnered with Steven and we were showing the guys the basic salsa step, the right turn, and a cross body lead.

Steven was really getting the hang of it but Chris was struggling a bit and even tried to run off the stage with Emely (all in fun of course!). It was definitely a light hearted and fun segment and the guys were great sports.

Check out the link above and feel free to put list a comment with CBC about what you thought!