I read an interesting article today titled Big Ballerinas on the BBC Radio Website. The article discusses a new dance company in Cuba called Danza Voluminosa” (defined as Voluminous Dance Group), a dance troupe made up of overweight dancers between the range of 100 to 130 kilos.

The group started when Juan Miguel Mas decided he was frustrated with the lack of opportunity overweight people experience when learning how to dance. What was so great to hear was that Danza Voluminosa has “become a cultural phenomenon in Cuba, performing to sell-out crowds at some of Havana’s top venues”.

I loved reading this article because dance is so universal and should be an enhancement to the lives of everyone regardless of race, size, gender, age, etc. I wish, however, that everyone would have the same opportunities when it comes to education. It would be great to see students of all types attend any class they choose, instead of feeling like they have to form separate groups to be comfortable and progress. That is why I love salsa! I have students from 14-80 years old attending the classes from all cultures, races, sizes,types. When I go to a salsa club in Toronto I am amazed at the variety of dancers and that is why I love living in Toronto!