Bachata Toronto: How to Make Your Turns Better.

If you’re taking Bachata classes in Toronto I am so happy for you. Of all the cities in Canada, Toronto is one of the best places to learn both Bachata and Salsa. When you first start dancing, you want to be smooth. So, here are the tips and tricks to make your Bachata turns smoother.

Twist With Your Belly Button

I know it sounds weird but if you take classes at my school, this is something I say a lot. I was told to turn with my core when I was learning. I did not understand this. Turning with your belly button sounds strange but it works. Practice your turns facing a mirror or a wall. Twist with your belly button – so it leads the turn. Keep twisting until you are facing the mirror or wall again. Don’t think about the steps as you turn, imagine it as one, long twist. It’s your torso that twists and then your feet come along for the ride. This is massive and will help everyone from beginners to pros.


Timing is always key when you’re doing turns in any style of dance. Bachata is three steps and a tap. So when you first start doing turns, most people will step on one the one count and start the turn on the two count. But then you are often late. So don’t wait. After the tap, start the turn by twisting with your belly button and go, go go. Don’t stop until the third count and then tap on the fourth count.

Quarter, Quarter, Half

If you want to make your turns better, then you want to follow the quarter, quarter, half model. If you often feel late, this trick will help. I will break it down for you. In order to practice this, stand in front of an object – a table, a chair, a lamp – it doesn’t matter what – you just need to orient yourself. Bring your feet together, tap with your left and turn by twisting your belly button a quarter turn. Now the object will be to your right. Do another quarter turn. Your back will be to the object. Then on the third count do a half turn so you are facing the object again. Tap with the right on the fourth count, rinse and repeat.

Congratulations! Your bachata turns are ready to be leveled up. You have learned how to twist, time the turn properly and follow the quarter, quarter, half method.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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