Bachata Music – Modern vs Traditional

As you start your dance journey in Bachata, we are here to help you figure out the difference between the two most common types of music. Modern Bachata Music vs Traditional also called Dominical style.

One Bachata song can sound very different from another song, with more traditional Dominican style Bachata and modern Bachata Pop sounding like music from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Unifying characteristics of all Bachata music is the instrumentation: the underlying Bolero rhythm and the syncopated guitarra line. Instruments in a typical Bachata music group are: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, bongos and güira.

New Bachata artists have brought in influences of Mariachi, Argentine Tango and Hip Hop to the music.

Examples of Modern Bachata artists:

* Romeo Santos – Former lead singer of Aventura, and known singularly as the “King of modern Bachata”.
* Aventura
* Prince Royce
* Toby Love
* Frank Reyes
* Daniel Santacruz
* Leslie Grace
* Henry Santos
* Monchy y Alexandra
* Elvis Martinez
* Carlos & Alejandra
* Xtreme

Examples of Classic Bachata artists:

* Edilio Paredes, One of bachata’s founding fathers.
* Eladio Romero Santos, a pioneer of bachata’s merengue de guitarra.
* Leonardo Paniagua, father of romantic bachata.
* José Manuel Calderón, the first artist to record a bachata.
* Antony Santos
* Luis Vargas
* Zacarías Ferreira
* Joan Soriano
* Juan Luis Guerra

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