Bachata Moves for Beginners

As a Bachata beginner, you are about to experience something incredible! You will learn sexy moves, have fun and join a wonderful community. The world of Bachata is vast, but we can keep it simple. These simple Bachata moves for beginners will make you comfortable dancing at socials and open up the world of dance for you.

You Turn, I Turn Combination

After you learn your basic turns (which happens in the first class at Toronto Dance Salsa) you learn combinations. The most basic combination you need to learn and one that will give you confidence is the You Turn, I Turn combination. In this move, the leader turns the follower, then the leader immediately turns and then the follower is turned again. So you have done three moves back-to-back! It flows and looks effortless and you will feel amazing. When you are signing up with a dance school, make sure to ask if they teach combinations. You want to be ready for all the Latin club fun you will experience. So the You Turn, I Turn combination is a must-know Bachata move for beginners.

Sweetheart Holds

Just like the name suggests, it’s where the leader brings the partner close and they go for a walk together. Let’s keep it simple and say it’s one of the most important moves to know as a beginner. At our school, we teach three different variations. A sweetheart hold allows you to get close to your partner and dance in sync with them. This is an important move for all Bachata beginners. 


Almost unbelievable, but it is true! As a beginner in Bachata, unlike Salsa, dips are taught in the first level of classes. Bachata is easy to learn and you will see improvement more quickly than you do in Salsa. It is one of the reasons I love Bachata. The Bachata dip we teach in Level One is called a twist dip. This is a safe dip you can do with any level dancer. Having said that – remember safety first! Never do a dip with a partner you are not familiar with as a leader. 

There are so many beautiful Bachata moves to learn but the You Turn, I Turn combination, Sweetheart Holds and the Dip are a great place to start for Bachata beginners. 

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