It seems that everywhere you turn, Bachata is playing. In fact, it’s getting harder to find a night during the week where Bachata isn’t drawing out big crowds looking to get a little closer. With the dance’s popularity, it was only a matter of time before an old dance tradition returned to the scene: The Battle.

Just like in the Street Dance, Step It Up and the Glee-inspired Pitch Perfect; Battling is fine art which allows dancers to truly express themselves (and talk a little trash). Actually, talk a lot of trash.

How Does it Work?
Usually it’s either solo, a couple or a team will ‘step up’ and perform a series of shines/moves that showcases the skill-level of their team. While the first team rocks out, the second team must patiently wait. When the first team is complete, the second team then shows off their moves. This continues until one side concedes to the other.

Some Quick Rules:
There are basically no rules say for not touching the other team. Taunting, showing off and general swagger is encouraged.

Get Battle Ready:
While you may feel apprehensive about participating in a battle, Toronto Dance Salsa is holding a ‘Beginners Bachata Battle Bootcamp’ this coming Saturday, Jan.19th at Empress walk. The Style Queen herself, Tracie Yee will be commanding the Ladies and Bachata Sutra Master Lucky Sipin will be  teaching his crane techniques to the gents.

With their guidance, the participating men and women will show their stuff, in an ‘easy-to-learn’ choreo and prove who’s got the eye of the bachata tiger. So come out to Empress walk, to show it off or witness how it happens in real life.

Till Then,
Stay (Battle)Shining Salseros!

In the meantime, here’s a great Salsa battle scene from Street Dance 2: