Well I am afraid to say that it has been a while since I visited Babaluu’s for my salsa fix. Babs has been my favourite salsa club for 8 years straight. Still not sure why as it is always packed, way too small, and hot. Still, the vibe is right, the people are great and I can usually leave with a big smile on my face.

Last night was no exception. Evan and I arrived at about 10:30pm and the place was hopping. I immediately danced with Tawfiq, Evan, Rob, Ya Ya and a few other fun dancers. It was really great to be dancing again.

I did worry throughout the evening that I would be elbowed in the face by other dancers. It wasn’t that it was packed, but people were dancing big with elbows everywhere. That is one thing I would recommend people be conscious of – their elbows. They do way more damage then feet or bodies. No major incidents last night which is good news!

The music was ridiculously fast. I actually love fast salsa music – it is so energetic and makes you really want to shake it. However, it was so fast everyone was getting winded. It would be great if the fast songs were surrounded by slower songs so we can last longer. Wow, never thought I would be complaining about fast music…maybe I am getting older????

Thanks to everyone for the fun dances. If you haven’t been to Babaluu’s Wednesday is my favourite day…easy going, fun and friendly.