We have just announced a 5 part Saturday Summer Workshop Series at Empress Studio from 11am – 1pm Saturday July 21st to August 25th. The more workshops you take, the cheaper the bundle rate!
1) Dips Dips Dips with Tracie
2) Salsa Tricks with Tracie
3) Dominican Bachata with Lucky
4) Salsa On2 with Lucky
5) Body Movement, Flow and Isolations with Lucky

1 workshop = $35 plus HST
2 workshops = $65 plus HST
3 workshops = $90 plus HST
4 workshops = $115 plus HST
5 workshops = $125 plus HST
Helper price = $25 plus HST each

Dips Dips Dips Workshop
Sat 11am-1pm Empress Jul 21
Learn how to kick your dancing up a notch by adding a few fancy dips. This workshop will teach you how to use your core to execute and balance dips effortlessly on the dance floor. We will also focus on turn pattern options for proper lead ins and outs of dips in a social setting. For dancers who have completed Salsa Level 3 or higher.

Salsa Tricks Workshop
Sat 11am-1pm Empress Jul 28
A perfect workshop to be paired with our Dips Dips Dips workshop. Learn how to jazz up your turn patterns with some fun tricks to add to your favourite turn patterns. This workshop will teach you how to execute some simple turn pattern tricks with ease on the social dance floor. For dancers who have completed Level 3 or higher.

Dominican Bachata Workshop
Sat 11am-1pm Empress Aug 11
Danced with syncopations (steps in between the beats) depending on the mood of the dancer and the character of the music, Dominican Bachata has become a popular variation to the smooth style of Bachata. Learn footwork, turn patterns and rhythmic free style moves and alternate between the closed romantic handhold and the more playful open position. Completion of level 1 Bachata or assessment required.

Salsa On2 Workshop
Sat 11am-1pm Empress Aug 18
Salsa On2 is a variation of salsa popularized in New York city (hence also called “New York” style), which was heavily influenced by jazz and mambo in the 1960s. In this smoother, more elegant dance that more closely emulates ballroom dancing, you will learn how to look effortless as you and your partner flow across the dance floor. In Salsa On2, dancing begins on the second beat, with the leader breaking back on beat 2. You will learn to recognize the signals of On 2 timing, progressing to more Latin Jazz Songs. Completion of level 3 or assessment required.

Body Movement, Flow and Isolations
Sat 11am-1pm Empress Aug 25
Learn body movements, flow and isolations in accordance to the mood of the music that will take your social dancing to the next level. You will be given key exercises that you can then practice on your own to really extend, isolate and highlight your body movement. Afro-Cuban body movement will also be covered. Look fantastic while entertaining your partner and others on the dance floor. Completion of level 3 salsa or assessment required.