Why Salsa is Better than Bachata

If this was a competition between Salsa versus Bachata, Salsa would win by a landslide. So if you are deciding between Salsa versus Bachata, here is why Salsa is better and how it can change your life.

I started with Salsa. I am a guy who originally planned to be a marriage counsellor and then a cop, and now I’m running a Salsa dance school.

Here are 5 reasons why Salsa is better and how it will change your life.


I always tell my students to try turning on some Salsa music and taking a nap. It would be almost impossible because Salsa is energetic.

You can’t help but tap your foot, move your hips, or bob your head when you hear Salsa music. Bachata is more mellow and relaxed. Salsa automatically infuses every inch of your body with that fun, sexy, and energetic rhythm. Every time I teach a Salsa class, students smile, laugh, and giggle. So if you are looking for some excitement and fun in your life, Salsa is better than Bachata. 

Salsa is Universal 

You can travel from Timbuktu to Singapore and find at least one Salsa club. No competition, Salsa versus Bachata, the winner is Salsa!

If you are in Toronto, you are fortunate because every night of the week, there is a Salsa outing somewhere in the city.

Bachata is incredible and beautiful, but Salsa is the one that’s going to open up the world of dance. You don’t have to speak the language because when you know how to dance Salsa, your body will speak the language. Easy connections to every part of the world make Salsa better than Bachata. 

Salsa is Fast and Furious

Listen to a Bachata song and compare it to a Salsa song. The first thing you will notice is the speed. Salsa is like driving down the highway in the summer in a convertible. The music is blaring, and you are with your friends and having a blast. When I have lots of energy to release or feel frustrated, I dance Salsa because that is how I burn off that steam.

There is nothing like dancing with your partner, giving them a double turn, moving them across the floor into another turn, and then into a dip. So if you want to get your blood pumping, Salsa is better than Bachata.

Salsa is Challenging in the Best Way

Salsa has a very unique flow and rhythm, which is quick, quick, slow.  It takes time before you get to an advanced level, but there is always more to learn. Learning and growing and stretching yourself are some of the best things about Salsa. Salsa will force you out of your comfort zone. But it will also allow you to achieve more than you thought possible.  

In Salsa, there is always a new mountain to climb. Starting as a beginner you can progress to intermediate and advanced dancing and even participate in performances. There are Salsa competitions and workshops all over the world. Bachata also has growth opportunities, but it is somehow different in Salsa. You have to experience it for yourself. So if you love to learn and grow (and who doesn’t?) then Salsa is better than Bachata. 

Salsa is So Much Fun

I am going to repeat… Salsa is fun. You get to spend four minutes with your dance partner laughing, giggling, being goofy and bonding. It is a great time that everyone should experience. So you need to sign up for Salsa classes today.

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