Salsa dance brings energy, fun, and community back into people’s lives, especially post-pandemic.

One: Salsa creates a sense of community. 

As I was writing this blog, I had a phone call from a future student, and this person mentioned that they were brand new to the city. They’re still looking for a place to live. Still, one of the most important things for them is to find a dance school because they know that if they can find a dance school, they will be surrounded by positive people that can even become friends. Therefore, chances to create a meaningful connection is one of Salsa’s most significant benefits and purpose: to bring people together.

We live in a post-pandemic world, especially in Western culture, where everyone is isolated. Most people continue working from home with limited chances of actual personal contact. For some, weeks might pass without having a friendly conversation, a genuine hug or even a handshake. Yet, dance is a great unifier; you can go to any part of the world, not even speak the local language, but if you know how to dance, you’ll find your tribe.  And this could be the end of the article because creating a sense of belonging and promoting healthy interpersonal connections is probably among the most relevant purposes of practicing Salsa dance. Yet, they’re still many more benefits, so let’s continue with the next one.

Two: Salsa generates energy.

You cannot possibly turn on a Salsa dance song and take a nap. Just try. I dare you. And if you do it, you are not going to get some good rest. When you hear Salsa music, you want to move. You want to tap your feet; you want to move your body. And so, it’s such an easy layup that when you are lacking in momentum, energy or enthusiasm in your life, you should sign up for dance class. As soon as that music hits, you see other people smiling and giving you high fives and vibing in a way you can’t help but be infused with energy.

I have the great fortune of teaching many Salsa dance classes daily, and every single week, several students come up to me to express that they look forward to these classes because they leave energized and ready to get through their week and get throughout their work. Therefore, they are always looking forward to the next lesson.

Three: Salsa promotes joy. 

I’m smiling as I’m writing this letter and it is a big smile. Salsa is fun. Now, I’m not saying Salsa translates into fun, but that would be the word to translate if it was. Sometimes, students arrive at our studio dealing with different emotions, and sometimes they feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their work or day. Maybe their boss yelled at them, or perhaps they’re the boss who yelled at one of the employees. And so, people looking exhausted will come in, and within a couple of minutes, as soon as I throw in a Salsa song, everyone starts dancing.  I see people of all ages from all backgrounds smiling ear to ear laughing and giggling. It’s a beautiful sight.

So if you miss socializing or your energy feels off, you need some fun to spice up your life. You need more Salsa in your life.  Take a dance class. There’s nothing as fun as getting together with a group of people, learning something new, feeling challenged, and growing to something positive like dancing Salsa.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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