What is Salsa?

We’re talking about the dance, not the delicious South American condiment. So what is Salsa? It is one of the most exciting Latin dances you can do.

The origins of the word “Salsa” to describe the dance has been a source of debate for decades. The most popular and accepted theory is that Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians in New York coined the phrase in the 1970s. Like the condiment, Salsa music is a blend and spicy fusion of Cuban, African and South American musical rhythms from son montuno, guaracha, chachacha, mambo and bolero.

Salsa dancing evolved with the music. Emigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia in the 1920s brought their dances and music to the neighbourhoods and clubs of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. As Salsa music gained popularity throughout the 1970s and 1980s the dances from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia morphed into the current style of Salsa dancing.

If you want to learn more about what Salsa truly is, you can read the article on the Basics of Salsa. But to truly discover the energy and excitement of Salsa dancing come to one of our socials or even better, join a class.

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