Yesterday a great student and now helper of TDS emailed me a testimonial about Tracie and Daniel and the Casino Rueda class he took at Toronto Dance Salsa. Vignesh is very excited about the Student Performance Team – Casino Rueda and he wants to encourage any student thinking about taking Casino to do so. Here is his testimonial:

“Casino Rueda: My Latin dance journey started with Casino Rueda. ¬†During my college days in India, we performed a Casino Rueda¬†choreography for our college cultural function, it was an epic success¬†and we got a lot of appreciation. Later we were even invited as guest¬†performers in other colleges. That is how I fell in love with Casino¬†Rueda and this was long before my girlfriend introduced me to the¬†world of Salsa.

Later in Toronto, in the midst of my Salsa journey, I happened to see¬†“Casino Rueda lessons by Tracie and Daniel” posted on the TDS website and¬†thought I would give it a shot. I am so glad I took that course. It was¬†totally different from a choreography class because we had to remember¬†the Spanish names of the moves and we had to execute it when the¬†circle leader calls for it. Some of my favorite moves were; Enchufla¬†El Pulpo, Festival de Pelota, Setenta complicado, Toma Electrica,¬†Sombrero (hat), La Flor (the flower).

The class was so lively¬†with non stop dancing and it was a faster pace than a regular salsa¬†class, at least for a non Spanish speaker like me! ¬†Every class was so much¬†fun and so full of laughter that it made my day brighter and I would¬†always long for the next week’s class. ¬†It ¬†became very¬†addictive on me.

If you would ask me to chose either Salsa Dancing with a partner or Casino Rueda in a circle, I’d opt for¬†Casino and I wish it was just as popular. But even now, I would¬†add my Casino moves like Enchufla, Sombrero(hat), etc into my Salsa social¬†dancing which will always impress my partners. I feel that the Cuban¬†body movement is very stylish, and I always tend to adapt them¬†into my Salsa dancing. Guys you have my word, no one will ever regret¬†taking a Casino class, especially with Tracie and Daniel, as they are¬†the best… :)”

For more information on the Casino Rueda Class we are offering please see the Student Performance Team class on our Spring 2011 semester schedule.