Well the outing on Saturday night at Vida Lounge was a great success. Almost 200 students and friends came out to dance the night away. What was particularly fun was the fact that the Corso Italia Street Festival was happening at the same time. I expected a great deal of Italian music but was surprised to hear that many of the bands were salsa bands so our group at Vida Lounge had the best of both worlds! We had a great selection of salsa music in the club and then to cool off we could walk outside and sample some great live music.

Emely and Diliana taught the level 1 class. I definitely enjoyed seeing the level 1s practice their combination throughout the evening – they caught on very well. Evan and I taught the level 2 and up lesson and we really chose a challenging combination (as usual :). We had a really good group students learning the combo and I was pleasantly surprised to see them master the class so well despite many of them being only in level 2 (it was about a level 4 combo).

I was glad to see that Vida Lounge did get a better air conditioning system. Also thank you to them for feeding us – that is always a great bonus!

Hope everyone had a great time. If you couldn’t join us, our next outing in Sunday July 22nd at Montana so keep that date open!