Oh my gosh, I wish I was given these tips when I first started dancing. Honestly, everyone just learns this through trial and error but I believe sharing is caring family.

  1. For Followers: Ask leaders to dance! It always broke my heart when I would see followers come to a social and be ignored.  I would sometimes see them hang around for 30 plus minutes and then leave after giving up. So don’t hang around, waiting for a leader to ask you to dance. Please ask us because in my mind, when I get asked to dance it’s a massive compliment. Who doesn’t want to feel wanted and I can’t remember a time I have said no unless I was already changing my shoes and planning to leave…even then I have said yes. 
  2. For Leaders: Walk a follower off the dance floor. As a leader, I believe it’s our responsibility to take care of our followers. So if you had the courtesy to ask a follower to dance, have the courtesy to escort them off the dance floor. I have personally seen so many times that once a leader is done dancing, they will just smile, turn the other way and walk off, leaving the follower in the middle of the dance floor by themselves. Not only is it just a good way to treat another human being, but then you get a good reputation on the dance floor. That you take care of your followers. 
  3. For everyone: Hygiene is important. After dancing for 1-3 hours, we all sweat, that’s normal. So basic things like bringing an extra t-shirt to change into, bringing deodorant, gum or mints go a long way. Also please don’t abuse cologne or perfume at the social. One of the worst experiences is when you dance with someone and then the whole night you smell like their body spray…not pleasant. 
  4. For everyone: Watch your alcohol. I used to believe that when I drink I would dance better. That did not play out the way I wanted when I actually got on the dance floor. I don’t think there is anything wrong with drinking but pay attention to how much you consume. In Salsa, in Bachata, or really any kind of Latin partner dance you want to have coordination. I personally have danced with followers who drank too much and trying to lead them was never pleasant. So I am sure when I was a leader and had one too many beers…it wasn’t pleasant. I get it, liquid courage, at least how I saw it. The best kind of courage I have learned is to ask as many people to dance at a social as possible and accept that no dance should make or break your confidence. 🙂 

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in a week to week, having fun, connecting with new friends, and letting lose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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