Musically-speaking, salsa is bold, sexy and romantic but if you don’t understand Spanish, it’s very easy to miss that lyrically, the songs are written about heartbreak, pain and suffering. The Weeping Salsa, a play currently playing at the Zocalo Theatre (Queen & Dovercourt), exudes heartbreak, pain and suffering through a masterful combination of drama and dance. While at times I found the themes were on the dark and disturbing side, the acting, dancing and production were phenomenal, making the Weeping Salsa a great event for the salsa lover.

Great dance is founded in smooth transitions and the Weeping Salsa has some of the most impressive transitions that I’ve seen. From the way the story effortlessly flashes back and forwards through time, uses minimal props for maximum effectiveness and intertwines drama and dance (without that surreal ‘musical’ vibe); this show is quite powerful.
The dancing was fantastic, featuring one of the sexiest cha-cha routines as well as some of the darkest salsa. Choreographed by my level 4 teacher, Carol Cuizon and Angus Dirnbeck; the dancing was top-drawer and was a big part of transitioning the time shifts, violence and romance. I thought it was pretty amazing as when I watched the actors dance, I could see Carol and Angus’ styles reflected in them.
I highly recommend the Weeping Salsa but must warn that the show has some very dark themes that could disturb some people. It’s currently playing till November 29th and if you see the show, feel free to post your thoughts.
Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!