What started out as a disappointing Saturday morning turned into another great helper outing! Every semester I take the helpers out to celebrate all their hard work over the semester. With the opening of the studio I didn’t get a chance to do this until this weekend but better late then never! We had a great beach day planned out with a trip to Rockwood Conservation Park and Beach around Guelph for a day of swimming, kayaking, volleyball and more.

Well Saturday morning comes with lots of clouds and promises of all-day thunderstorms so I quickly scrambled around and came up with a rain-day back up plan. Everyone met at Putting Edge which is an 18-hole glow in the dark inside mini golfing area. After playing some fun arcade games we headed in teams of 4 to play and it was great fun. Many of us haven’t done this in years and we were surprised as to how much fun it actually was.

After mini golfing we all heading downtown to an upscale restaurant called Monsoon at Adelaide and Simcoe for a 3 course meal. It was great to catch up with everyone and hang out for the evening.

Overall a great day – thanks to all the helpers for making it fun and for all your help in the spring semester. For all the summer helpers we will have our summer outing very soon – maybe finally at Rockwood!