It was a great honor to be asked to make a playlist for the weekly Sunday Social. At first I was quite nervous as a) Evan does a great job every week making great sets of music and b) I’ve never made a set in my life (other than for my impromptu living room dance parties). Where does one start?

In typical Tony fashion, I aimed for doing things a little different. While I was given a basic structure, my goal was to play some songs that aren’t typically heard. The problems I found with this is that I didn’t want a ‘weird’ sounding set so I decided to have 3-4 non- typical songs; mixing a few on1 and on2s.

Another thing I had to keep in mind is that you’re playing for your crowd, so I added some of my favourite songs from when I was a beginner. I also added a few English songs, so that people could sing along while they dance.

Rounding out the set I finally placed a few of my personal favs that would please the more intermediate/advanced dancers. Featuring higher-tempos and jazzy syncopated songs make it really fun to dance to and get the styling going.

All in all, the set seemed to go over well and it was amazing to see people really dancing! I couldn’t be happier and have even more appreciation for what Evan, Duck, Jorge and all of the great Salsa DJ’s do.

So next time you’re out having a blast, be sure to thank your dj for making great sets each and every week!

Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!