8 couples for 5 spots, all deserving and all worthy of advancing. Sunday night was full of excitement, sweat, anticipation and celebration. It was great to see all these talented performers put their skills on the line and just have fun with it. I want to congratulate all the participants, you were all amazing and did a phenomenal job. The night provided many moments of anxiety, such as the draw for order, waiting for your turn on stage and of course, the announcement of the final 5. Its funny how things can change over a year. Talking to one of the competitors, we remarked how unprepared some of us were last year, not totally sure of the grandness of the event. This year, however, everyone was on their game and I think the night’s performances were a testament to that.

In an odd turn of events, my partner, Camela, and I were pleased to hear a familiar tune chosen as the freestyle song. Juliana by DLG was one of 4 songs we had practiced to every time we got together so right away it put us at ease. We knew we danced well together but the fact that it was a song we were very familiar with made it extra special. We watched as couple after couple delivered and drew the cheers of the crowd until it was finally our turn. To be honest, I don’t recall most of what we did on that stage, and I guess in a way that was perfect because we were just going with what the music inspired us to do. Now comes the final and the fine tuning of what we hope will be an enjoyable performance for the audience and ourselves.

I just want to give a salute to my fellow competitors…

Andrea Ferguson & Johnathan Williams
Marsha Soefredie & John Radtke
Kelly Elliott & Barry Ip
Natasha Gibson & Joseph Sackey
Mildred Quinto & David Charing
Theresa Maceda & James Kalfin
Jennifer Botelho & Tyrone Sterling

…bailaron con mucho sabor!

Hasta la proxima…Sigan bailando!