So who is going to take home the gold? There are 4 finalists in the 2nd season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada awaiting results. Vincent, the first ballroom male dancer to ever make top 4 in any SYTYCD show worldwide. Jayme Rae, contemporary dancer. Everett, Tap Dancer and Tara-Jean, also a contemporary dancer.

It is always hard to judge who will win because it is about the most popular dancer, not the best dancer. That is why Sabre won out Danny, Benji won out Travis and, most recently, Brendon lost to Jeanine.

So when judging who will win we really need to keep in mind who was the most popular dancer in the group. I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire season but I do know that Tara Jean comes to mind as the most well rounded popular dancer. She has never been in the bottom 3 as far as I know, she is spunky, fun and bubbly and she does a great job adapting to all the different dance genres. So I am betting my money on Tara Jean. I do think Jayme Rae is also a strong contender, she is a real fighter. I hope to see her place second.

Good luck to all the participants. Looking forward to focusing on the American version which is starting the Top 20 of its 6th Season. I have missed so many episodes so far. Has anyone PVRd it???